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We’re your reliable partner in the entire digital product development process. This is possible due to our +10 years of experience in building companies and assisting clients in building companies. Vortech founders’ background combines tech, product, and marketing skills. This entrepreneurial and market-oriented culture is something that we highly value in our teams, and it has a tremendous impact on how we work with our clients.


Tools we use to help you come up
with the right product for the right people:

User personas

Profiles of your users with their backgrounds, interests, demographics, pain points, and other information that will help us understand for whom we are building this product.

Product Canvas

A high-level view of products that will provide specific value to your customers

User Journey Mapping

Process in which we divide your client’s experience with the product into different stages (awareness, consideration, purchase, exploration, loyalty, etc.) and then analyze it on specific dimensions (goals, actions, emotions, blockers, opportunities, etc.).

Prioritization Chart

Which features of your final product should be developed in the first place and become you Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Growth Hacking Canvas

Still too many companies and people think that marketing is something you should think about after you create your product. We disagree. Using the growth hacking canvas, we’re trying to map unique opportunities that will allow you to build your product to benefit from the network and viral effects. We’ll also help you find flywheel effects and tricks to deliver maximum impact to the market.

We build digital products
for two types of clients:


Companies launched by entrepreneurial and usually very creative people who need great teams of project managers and developers to create an MVP or speed up the work on the product developed internally. Projects we do for startups are usually very fast-paced, iterative, and oriented toward testing many different ideas.

Why are we great partners for startups?

  • You’ll get access to the most talented Polish programmers at fair prices. Thanks to our agile talent management, we will only charge you for the exact number of hours that a specific expert dedicated to your project. You don’t have to pay for a week or month of a super-experienced NLP expert if you need him only for, say, 20 hours.
  • We’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and love to help other people achieve their dreams
  • Vortech has a solid marketing background and we can help to build stuff that will be aligned with your users / clients
  • We can be very fast in delivery – startup-grade fast
  • We understand digital products

Mid-sized companies and enterprises

We help established companies innovate through digital products. If you’re planning to develop a new product or you’ve already started to develop the project, but need the support of seasoned experts in the field, you’re in the right place.

Vortech is providing full-service support for companies that want to create digital products:

Team of developers – we will create a tailor-made team of developers to work on your project. Our agile talent management is the most crucial difference that makes working with us so efficient. Every software project needs a few super-talented, experienced programmers and a team of developers to handle less critical tasks. We deliver just that, so you don’t have to pay for a month’s worth of work by, say, an AI specialist. You only pay for the time he really spent working on your project.

Experienced project manager – our PMs are experienced in working with verticals like banks, telecoms, and healthcare. We understand how companies function, and we know how to navigate their processes. The project manager from Vortech will become your biggest ally in the successful delivery of your next digital product. Vortech has a solid marketing background, and we can help build stuff aligned with your users/ clients.

Excellent Quality Assurance – What usually differentiates the process of software development between startups and enterprises is the approach to Q&A. We understand that, and thanks to our rigorous testing process, you’ll get to the final product without the risk associated with developing innovative solutions.

Access to our digital product development process and tools – we’re experienced with the digital transformation of companies. We know how to lead your company through a difficult digitization process. Yes, we know this isn’t easy – we’ve been there with many of our clients. This experience allows us to help you diagnose what and how should be digitized, which processes in your company can be automated, and how to communicate and manage this change.


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