At Vortech Digitals, we build websites, online stores,
and mobile applications
from scratch with the diverse needs and goals of your business in mind.
We also offer customised solutions for:
All this and more are designed, programmed, and implemented
by our 50-person team of experts — programmers, project managers, UX and UI designers, graphic designers, and copywriters.
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Organisation of business and HR
  • Gamification and engagement
    of employees and customers
  • Tools supporting e-commerce development

We’ll help you to deliver your next web application


We’ve been operational since 2008, though we were originally founded as a social media agency. We specialise in creating websites and applications, as well as online marketing. As a separate software house, we have been coding for over 3 years.


At Vortech Digitals, our team of over 35 IT professionals have extensive experience with back-end, front-end, graphics, NLP, and more.
We develop applications and websites on our terms and take full responsibility for them. We never outsource our work to other companies. We have everything we need in-house, including creative ideas and a multi-talented staff of industry professionals


We develop applications and websites as fast as possible, all without lowering the quality of the code or the final product. We’re committed to offering both short delivery times and the highest quality products. We optimise the work of our programmers by using the latest technologies. What do you gain with Delveltio? Less time spent by specialists means faster implementation and lower project costs.

What Do We Specialise In?

PWA applications

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a universal way to create a fast and responsive mobile application that will conquer the hearts and smartphones of your customers. We focus on the responsiveness of the application on different devices, creating an exceptional user experience, and seamless implementation of solutions.


With this stable and intuitive application, you can enter an augmented reality and show your products or services in a completely new dimension. Augmented reality is the future of the internet. With Vortech Digitals, you can have it today.

Media Management System

Manage your media with the help of an MMS web application, which allows you to easily create, copy, and share media from any device. Content and marketing management has never been easier.


We create platforms full of modern functionalities that attract buyers and sellers, including those selling something online for the first time.

Crowdfunding platforms

With our crowdfunding platforms, you can encourage users to donate to specific causes, build a community of ambassadors around your brand, and raise money for your charity or specific business goals.

Bus ticketing systems

At last, buying bus tickets and managing courses can be easy and intuitive for passengers, carriers, and bus drivers alike. Our applications support transport companies operating throughout Europe.

Business management systems

Streamline your business processes with modular software that supports areas such as HR, finance, and vacation management. We'll build a solution that's perfectly tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Job board platforms

The solution allows you to post job offers, apply and contact via the built-in chat between the employer and candidates. The implemented multilingualism means that the target platform can be launched simultaneously on several different markets.

Workflow Management System

WMS is software designed to change the workflow of your organisation. It optimises your processes and takes your organisation to a higher level. With a WMS, you can manage your biggest projects in a few clicks and keep an eye on everything that's happening in your company.

What Technologies Do We Use?

What can we do for you?

Talk to us about your project, and let's start building it together!

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