As SLA specialists…

…we will take care of your:
  • Corporate websites
  • eCommerce and online stores
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Databases and big data
  • IT systems
  • Cloud computing services
  • Dedicated servers

response times

As part of the SLA, you receive a set amount of hours. You can use this time allocation to hire our team of Vortech specialists to carry out any tasks you wish. Tasks could include creating a subpage on the company website, adding functions to your application, and working on server errors, software integration, and database recovery. Our experts will do all this and much more, ASAP.



At Vortech, we create websites and mobile applications from scratch, so we can vouch for their safety and efficiency. With us, your clients’ data, as well as your own, is and always will be fully protected. We regularly and automatically scan your website for vulnerabilities and immediately intervene when a threat is found.
Your security is our pledge.

As part of the SLA care and support package…

…we provide:

The supervision of a dedicated, experienced Project Manager

Real-time contact, an efficient helpdesk, and short response times to server failures, website downtime, or bugs in any of the applications and IT systems in your company

Maintenance and service works

Design and implementation of new functionalities, subpages, and integrations

Backup restoration

A team of copywriters, graphic designers, and UX / UI specialists at your disposal

Content management and new content creation for the company’s website or mobile application (e.g., new products or  log posts)

Specialized IT consulting and tech reviews

How does the Vortech SLA work in practice?

Step 1
You send us a task outlining your problem or the changes and updates you want to implement on
your website, company server, or application.
Step 2
You arrange the details and approve the concept, together with your permanently assigned Project
Step 3
Our team starts the project: a copywriter prepares the content, the graphic designer creates the look, the UX / UI designer designs the layout, the programmer codes and implements the ready solution, and the tester checks that everything works in accordance with your requirements.
Step 4
Ready! The whole thing took us 9 hours. You can use the remaining time in your SLA package for other tasks and projects.
Do you want to test out a Vortech SLA?
Reach out.

Why choose a Vortech SLA?

In 2017, we’ve emerged from renown marketing agency, and since then, we’ve built up a wealth of experience in the world of IT and digital marketing, working with both micro-businesses and global corporations.

The reasons to choose Vortech SLA:

  • We operate under clear rules of cooperation, offering a detailed description of all the services available in the SLA package, as well as failure reporting procedures and the monitoring of ongoing activities.
  • We offer short response times and will prioritize the requests specified in the contract.
  • We are excellent at supporting businesses in IT crisis situations, e.g., during phishing scams.
  • We offer various forms of support, from consulting and minor software integration to problem-solving and repair work, and even full implementation of a new project from A to Z.
  • You will have a dedicated Project Manager and an in-house team at your disposal.
  • You can take advantage of IT training and workshops, available to all Vortech clients.
  • We employ specialists in various fields, available immediately as part of the SLA package: UX, UI, front-end, back-end, testers, graphic designers, copywriters, SXO, dev-ops, and analysts.
  • We provide regular and automatic website scans against various threats. Our scanning software utilizes an industry-leading WPScan database enhanced with our own, original set of detection rules.

How can a Vortech SLA help you?

What can we do for you?

  • We can take the pressure off your marketing and IT departments.
  • We provide valuable and unique competencies.
  • We provide two resources that are always in demand: time and technological knowledge.
  • We take care of the continuous functioning of applications, websites, and IT systems.
  • We select optimal technologies and coordinate and implement development and service works.
  • We support clients directly or in cooperation with marketing agencies and other software houses.

IT support

What is included in the SLA service?

IT system security

Do you need to protect your clients’ database, ERP system database, contract and order archive, or accounting documents against cyberattacks and phishing? An SLA with Vortech will give you the IT support you need to secure all key company data.

IT audit

We will check if your company’s IT systems, servers and databases, corporate website, and mobile application work as efficiently and effectively as possible. An IT audit report will be the starting point for all SLA support: we will make a diagnosis and propose appropriate IT solutions.

Software integration

Need to connect CRM systems with ERP? Don’t know how to use automation in e-commerce? Want to learn how to implement the Google Workspace package in the company and integrate it with your current software? With an SLA from Vortech, you don’t have to look for answers to these questions. We will take care of it for you.

Dedicated software

Every business has its own individual needs, and its software requirements are unique, too. We will analyze the processes in your company and then design, code, and launch dedicated applications and systems that will help you digitize and improve your business.

WordPress SLA

WordPress websites are our specialty. As part of the WordPress
service in a Vortech SLA, you will no longer have to worry about:

Adding content, new subpages, or forms to WordPress

Content management on WordPress

Installing and updating WordPress plugins

WordPress stability and security (including malware removal or updates)

What is an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

SLA (ang. Service Level Agreement)

It is a cooperation between the client and the IT engineering company. It defines the response time of specialists to IT problems, or to any necessary changes and updates, e.g., of a website or application.

The scope of IT support and the SLA conditions are defined by a special agreement concluded between an IT company (e.g., Vortech) and a client operating in any industry for whom digital stability and security are important. The SLA agreement guarantees the quality and timeliness of tasks performed by the contractor. Its content must also be flexible and develop along with the client’s changing business needs.

The scope of the SLA is usually determined individually by the needs of a specific company Designing an SLA service that is “tailor-made” is a big challenge. The contract specifies the number of hours per month that the customer can use on request as part of the package and whether he can buy more if necessary. It must also list the tasks and topics that the supplier’s IT specialists are to deal with.

The SLA provider's response time to your request

i.e., how much time may elapse between your request and the response from the SLA helpdesk.

The timeframe for problem-solving

or implementing a workaround that is included as part of the SLA, e.g., how much time will be devoted to figuring out a replacement solution that will allow your employees to act and the SLA programmers to carry out service work when the task is too complicated to solve quickly.

Detailed descriptions of services and procedures

including failure reporting, monitoring, and consulting.

The specific number of man-hours

available as part of the SLA package.

The consequences and penalties for the supplier

if they fail to meet the provisions of the SLA.

What can we do for you?

Talk to us about your project, and let's start building it together!

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